AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-07-06Add a global “persistent” optionlouiz’
2017-06-23Move a few functions from select_query to querylouiz’
2017-06-22Set the database pointer to nullptr after a closelouiz’
2017-06-21Re-implement correctly the handling of failure to open the databaselouiz’
2017-06-21Remove a useless debug print in the e2e testslouiz’
2017-06-21Disable charybdis’ connection throttlinglouiz’
2017-06-16Add a Record History option in the Channel configuration formlouiz’
2017-06-16Using OptionalBool, add RecordHistoryOptional col into IrcChannelOptions tablelouiz’
2017-06-16At startup, upgrade all database tables by adding missing columnslouiz’
2017-06-14Fix cstdint -> cstddef, to fix compilation on freebsdlouiz’
2017-06-14Explicitely declare the add_param<Id> specializationlouiz’
2017-06-14Add a 0 default value for template argument Nlouiz’
2017-06-14Build the rpm with sqlite3louiz’
2017-06-14Don’t forget to bump to version 6.0~devlouiz’
2017-06-14Remove c-ares from the alpine imagelouiz’
2017-06-14Re-add the pacman -Syuuuuuuuuuu command in the packaging:archlinux buildlouiz’
2017-06-14Merge branch 'orm' into 'master'louiz
2017-06-14Fix compilation (many warnings, and a linkage error) with clang++louiz’
2017-06-14Fix an inversion of tlsPorts_ and ports_louiz’
2017-06-14Run the coverity and freebsd tests in all louiz/biboumi brancheslouiz’
2017-06-14Update INSTALL.rst and CHANGELOG.rst for the sqlite dependencylouiz’
2017-06-14The packaging:archlinux build only makes sense on the master branchlouiz’
2017-06-14Explicitely close the Database before re-opening itlouiz’
2017-06-14Add a Statement class to manage the sqlite3_stmt objects and avoid leakslouiz’
2017-06-14Update the docker images and the gitlab-ci script to use sqlite3louiz’
2017-06-14Add default values for the database columnslouiz’
2017-06-14Implement our own database ORM, and update the whole code to use itlouiz’
2017-06-13Find sqlite3 instead of litesqllouiz’
2017-06-01Test that the archlinux package actually installs at least /usr/bin/biboumilouiz’
2017-06-01Change the makepkg command used in the archlinux CI testlouiz’
2017-05-28Move biboumi.h.cmake inside the src/ directorylouiz’
2017-05-24Fix the date format in the RPM spec filelouiz’
2017-05-24Release version 5.05.0v5louiz’
2017-05-24Add biboumi-test-archlinux and biboumi-debian-packaging Dockerfileslouiz’
2017-05-24Fix the make command instruction in INSTALL.rstlouiz’
2017-05-23Add a e2e to check that timestamps in MAM requests are correctly handledlouiz’
2017-05-23Fix the datetime parsing to handle optional fractions of secondslouiz’
2017-05-23Better document the identd serverlouiz’
2017-05-23Do not call pkg_check_module if the MODULE_FOUND is already cachedlouiz’
2017-05-21Remove a few warnings occuring in some build configlouiz’
2017-05-21The RPM doesn’t contain biboumi.cfg anymorelouiz’
2017-05-21Do not install biboumi.cfg in /etc/biboumi/louiz’
2017-05-18Handle messages 367 and 368 to display the banlist in the MUClouiz’
2017-05-18Refactor the channel::self to point at the existing userlouiz’
2017-05-17Redirect welcome NOTICE to their channel, instead of sending a global onelouiz’
2017-05-17Update changeloglouiz’
2017-05-16Test the default channel list limitlouiz’
2017-05-16Make the default build type Release (instead of empty string)louiz’
2017-05-11Make the IRC channel configuration form available from the MUC configlouiz’
2017-05-11Remove the “codecov_” prefix for builds codecov uploads toolouiz’