AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2016-10-31Use ensure_future if available, otherwise use asyncio.asynclouiz’
2016-10-31Test self discolouiz’
2016-10-31e2e: add the possibility to launch a specific list of scenarios onlylouiz’
2016-10-31Test raw messageslouiz’
2016-10-31Trivial cleanuplouiz’
2016-10-31Make AddrinfoDeleter a classlouiz’
2016-10-31Rename a variable that shadows a class memberlouiz’
2016-10-28Do the previous commit, but correctlylouiz’
2016-10-28Default to make -j1 if nproc doesn’t existlouiz’
2016-10-27Refactor remove_invalid_xml_chars to use correct types directlylouiz’
2016-10-27Remove calls to INFO() in catch, they are uselesslouiz’
2016-10-27Directly use Botan::byte instead of char, to avoid an unnecessary castlouiz’
2016-10-26Refactor the sha1 digest into its own function, and do not use sprintflouiz’
2016-10-27Add a new badge to our collection! (Sonarqube)louiz’
2016-10-25CONTRIBUTING.rst formatting and a typolouiz’
2016-10-24Merge branch 'fix_tests_encoding' into 'master' louiz
Fix test encoding by setting LANG and LC_ALL to C.UTF-8 Because we don’t want to rely on each projet setting their own variable LC_ALL and LANG in gitlab’s CI preferences. See merge request !4
2016-10-24Explicitely use the docker runner on some buildslouiz’
2016-10-24Fix test encoding by setting LANG and LC_ALL to C.UTF-8louiz’
2016-10-24ci: Rename the test archivelouiz’
2016-10-24Suggest adding tests when contributinglouiz’
2016-10-24Add a CONTRIBUTING filelouiz’
2016-10-24Correctly handle the nick change inside the virtual channellouiz’
2016-10-23Handle forced-join by just sending an invitationlouiz’
fix #3116
2016-10-23Refactor channel->parting to a new locationlouiz’
2016-10-21Revert "Use ensure_future instead of async"louiz’
This reverts commit a4d67ce041f50e0d25e2b47d04cc25bdad86a048.
2016-10-21Fix the broken commit 4388b9clouiz’
2016-10-21e2e: Fix some logic in check_list_of_xpathlouiz’
2016-10-21Use ensure_future instead of asynclouiz’
2016-10-21Remove an unused variable in e2elouiz’
2016-10-20Add an other kewl badgelouiz’
2016-10-21Coverity upload is allowed to fail and is manual. Also name the artifactslouiz’
2016-10-20Optimize tcp_socket::on_send by using vector::erase() only once per calllouiz’
2016-10-20Very little optimization by using a simpler scope_guard when possiblelouiz’
The version with the vector, that can be disabled etc, is “very” slow, so we use unique_ptr when we don’t need to disable it, and when it only contains one function
2016-10-17Use expect_unordered in a few more placeslouiz’
2016-10-17Add tests for the nick change, and the nick conflictlouiz’
2016-10-15Fix the indent in the coverage.cmake filelouiz’
2016-10-14Add two e2e tests on adhoc commandslouiz’
2016-10-13Use g++ for the openbsd testslouiz’
2016-10-12Disable the output in the config unit testlouiz’
2016-10-12ci: Add a test on openbsdlouiz’
2016-10-12e2e: test the private and no-copy thingylouiz’
2016-10-12e2e: the port to use should be an int, not a stringlouiz’
2016-10-12On EINPROGRESS, we need to also check for read events (because openBSD lies)louiz’
“It is possible to select(2) or poll(2) for completion by selecting the socket for writing” Yeah, sure, “writing”…
2016-10-12Fix an off-by-one issue in the POLL codelouiz’
2016-10-11Conditionally use strptime if we don’t have std::get_timelouiz’
2016-10-11Include a private and no-copy nodes in private <message/> to avoid carbon ↵louiz’
2016-10-11Parse the timezone myself, instead of using the broken strptimelouiz’
See for why strptime() sucks We use std::get_time now, to parse the date and time. And we parse the timezone by hand. fix #3215
2016-10-07Fix the muc#traffic responselouiz’
Was completely broken, and the test was just useless
2016-10-07Correctly set status="110" in the presence for the target of a kicklouiz’
2016-10-07e2e: add expec_unordered to be able to test things even if the arrive in a ↵louiz’
different order Also, some tests that were raising some exception and thus were not ran at all fix #3213