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+# This Dockerfile creates a docker image suitable to run biboumi’s build and
+# tests. For example, it can be used on with gitlab-ci.
+RUN apt update
+# Needed to build biboumi
+RUN apt install -y g++
+RUN apt install -y clang
+RUN apt install -y valgrind
+RUN apt install -y libc-ares-dev
+RUN apt install -y libsqlite3-dev
+RUN apt install -y libuuid1
+RUN apt install -y cmake
+RUN apt install -y make
+RUN apt install -y libexpat1-dev
+RUN apt install -y libidn11-dev
+RUN apt install -y uuid-dev
+RUN apt install -y libsystemd-dev
+RUN apt install -y ruby-ronn
+# Needed to run tests
+RUN apt install -y git
+RUN apt install -y python3-lxml
+RUN apt install -y lcov
+# Install botan
+RUN git clone
+RUN cd botan && git checkout 1.11.28 && ./ --prefix=/usr && make -j8 && make install
+RUN rm -rf /botan
+# Install litesql
+RUN git clone git://
+RUN mkdir /litesql/build && cd /litesql/build && cmake .. -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr && make -j8
+RUN cd /litesql/build && make install
+RUN rm -rf /litesql
+RUN ldconfig
+# Install slixmpp, for e2e tests
+RUN apt install -y python3-pip
+RUN git clone git://
+RUN pip3 install pyasn1
+RUN apt install -y python3-dev
+RUN cd slixmpp && python3 build && python3 install
+RUN useradd tester -m
+# Install charybdis, for e2e tests
+RUN apt install -y automake autoconf flex bison libltdl-dev openssl
+RUN apt install -y libtool
+RUN git clone && cd charybdis
+RUN cd /charybdis && ./ && ./configure --prefix=/home/tester/ircd --bindir=/usr/bin && make -j8 && make install
+RUN chown -R tester:tester /home/tester/ircd
+RUN rm -rf /charybdis
+RUN apt install -y locales
+RUN export LANGUAGE=en_US.UTF-8
+RUN export LANG=en_US.UTF-8
+RUN export LC_ALL=en_US.UTF-8
+RUN locale-gen
+RUN dpkg-reconfigure locales
+RUN dpkg-reconfigure locales && \
+ locale-gen C.UTF-8 && \
+ /usr/sbin/update-locale LANG=C.UTF-8
+WORKDIR /home/tester
+USER tester