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@@ -73,6 +73,14 @@ the same IRC connection is used. If, however, an other user wants to join
an IRC channel on that same IRC server, biboumi opens a new connection to
that server. Biboumi connects once to each IRC server, for each user on it.
+To cleanly shutdown the component, send the SIGINT or SIGTERM signals to it.
+It will send messages to all connected IRC and XMPP servers to indicate a
+reason why the users are being disconnected. Biboumi exits when all
+connections are closed because the remote aknowledged the end of
+communication. If the remote server does not respond, biboumi does not
+exit, unless SIGINT or SIGTERM is received again, in which case biboumi
+closes the TCP connections and exits immediately.
### Addressing
IRC entities are represented by XMPP JIDs. The domain part of the JID is