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@@ -682,6 +682,12 @@ On a server JID (e.g on the JID
this is NOT a password that will be sent to NickServ (or some author
authentication service), some server (notably Freenode) use it as if it
was sent to NickServ to identify your nickname.
+ * Throttle limit: specifies a number of messages that can be sent
+ without a limit, before the throttling takes place. When messages
+ are throttled, only one command per second is sent to the server.
+ The default is 10. You can lower this value if you are ever kicked
+ for excess flood. If the value is 0, all messages are throttled. To
+ disable this feature, just set a high value, like 999.
- get-irc-connection-info: Returns some information about the IRC server,
for the executing user. It lets the user know if they are connected to