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@@ -59,6 +59,20 @@ The configuration file uses a simple format of the form
privileges), for example some administration ad-hoc commands will only be
available to that JID.
+ If this option contains the hostname of an IRC server (for example
+, then biboumi will enforce the connexion to that IRC
+ server only. This means that a JID like "" must be
+ used instead of "". In that mode,
+ the virtual channel (see *Connect to an IRC server*) is not available and
+ you still need to use the ! separator to send message to an IRC user (for
+ example "foo!" to send a message to foo), although the
+ in-room JID still work as expected ("").
+ This option can for example be used by an administrator that just wants to
+ let their users join their own IRC server using an XMPP client, but
+ without letting them join any other IRC servers on the internet.
A filename into which logs are written. If none is provided, the logs are