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+# - Find libidn
+# Find the libidn library, and more particularly the stringprep header.
+# This module defines the following variables:
+# LIBIDN_FOUND - True if library and include directory are found
+# If set to TRUE, the following are also defined:
+# LIBIDN_INCLUDE_DIRS - The directory where to find the header file
+# LIBIDN_LIBRARIES - Where to find the library file
+# For conveniance, these variables are also set. They have the same values
+# than the variables above. The user can thus choose his/her prefered way
+# to way to write them.
+# This file is in the public domain
+find_path(LIBIDN_INCLUDE_DIRS NAMES stringprep.h
+ DOC "The libidn include directory")
+# The library containing the stringprep module is libidn
+find_library(LIBIDN_LIBRARIES NAMES idn
+ DOC "The libidn library")
+# Use some standard module to handle the QUIETLY and REQUIRED arguments, and
+# set LIBIDN_FOUND to TRUE if these two variables are set.
+find_package_handle_standard_args(Libidn REQUIRED_VARS LIBIDN_LIBRARIES LIBIDN_INCLUDE_DIRS)
+# Compatibility for all the ways of writing these variables
+mark_as_advanced(LIBIDN_INCLUDE_DIRS LIBIDN_LIBRARIES) \ No newline at end of file