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To join an IRC channel `#foo` on the IRC server ``,
join the XMPP MUC ``.
+### Connect to an IRC server
+The connection to the IRC server is automatically made when the user tries
+to join any channel on that IRC server. The connection is closed whenever
+the last channel on that server is left by the user. To be able to stay
+connected to an IRC server without having to be in a real IRC channel,
+biboumi provides a virtual channel on the jid
+``. For example if you want to join the
+channel `#foo` on the server ``, but you need to authenticate
+to a bot of the server before you can join it, you can first join the room
+`` (this will effectively connect you to
+the IRC server without joining any room), then send your authentication
+message to the user `" and finally
+join the room ``.
### Channel messages
On XMPP, unlike on IRC, the displayed order of the messages is the same for