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+There are two test suites for biboumi:
+- unit tests that can be run simply using `make check`.
+ These tests use the Catch test framework, are written in pure C++
+ and they should always succeed, in all possible build configuration.
+- a more complex end-to-end test suite. This test suite is written in python3,
+ uses a specific IRC server (`charybdis`_), and only tests the most complete
+ biboumi configuration (when all dependencies are used). To run it, you need
+ to install various dependencies: refer to fedora’s `Dockerfile.base`_ and
+ `Dockerfile`_ to see how to install charybdis, slixmpp, botan, litesql, an
+ ssl certificate, etc.
+ Once all the dependencies are correctly installed, the tests are run with
+ `make e2e`
+ To run one or more specific tests, you can do something like this:
+ `make biboumi && python3 ../tests/end_to_end self_ping basic_handshake_success`
+ This will run two tests, self_ping and basic_handshake_success.
+ To write additional tests, you need to add a Scenario
+ into `the file`_. If you have problem running this end-to-end
+ test suite, or if you struggle with this weird code (that would be
+ completely normal…), don’t hesitate to ask for help.
+All these tests automatically run with various configurations, on various
+platforms, using gitlab CI.
Coding style
Please try to follow the existing style:
@@ -55,3 +91,7 @@ Please try to follow the existing style:
.. _gitlab merge request:
.. _github pull request:
.. _XMPP chatroom:
+.. _Dockerfile.base: docker/biboumi-test/fedora/Dockerfile.base
+.. _Dockerfile: docker/biboumi-test/fedora/Dockerfile
+.. _charybdis:
+.. _the file: tests/end_to_end/ \ No newline at end of file