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+Contributing to biboumi
+Biboumi’s main workplace is at
+The repository is also mirrored on other websites, for example on github, but
+that’s mainly for the convenience of users.
+Before doing anything, you can come on the `XMPP chatroom`_ to discuss your
+changes, issues or ideas.
+Bug reports, feature requests
+To open a bug report, or a feature request, please do so on
+`our gitlab’s bug tracker`_.
+If the issue you’re reporting may have security implications, please select
+the “confidential” flag in your bug report.
+To contribute code, you can do so using git: commit your changes on any
+publicly available git repository and communicate us its address. This
+can be done with a `gitlab merge request`_, or a `github pull request`_
+or just by sending a message into the `XMPP chatroom`_.
+Coding style
+Please try to follow the existing style:
+- Use only spaces, not tabs.
+- Curly brackets are on their own lines.
+- Use this-> everywhere it’s possible.
+- Don’t start class attributes with “m_” or similar.
+- Type names are in PascalCase.
+- Everything else is in snake_case.
+.. _our gitlab’s bug tracker:
+.. _gitlab merge request:
+.. _github pull request:
+.. _XMPP chatroom:
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* XMPP ChatRoom:
* Report a bug:
-To contribute, the preferred way is to commit your changes on some
-publicly-available git repository (a fork on gitlab or github or on your own
-repository) and to notify the developers with a ticket on the bug tracker,
-or a merge request on gitlab or a pull request on github.
-Optionally you can come discuss your changes on the XMPP chat room,
+Also, see the `contributing`_ page.
@@ -71,3 +65,4 @@ Please read the COPYING file for details.
.. _the documentation: doc/biboumi.1.rst
+.. _contributing: CONTRIBUTING.rst