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Do not change the nick when joining a second room with a different nick
As the doc says, the nick changes must be explicit in an already joined room, and not when joining a room.
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diff --git a/src/bridge/bridge.cpp b/src/bridge/bridge.cpp
index 6fb03bd..1841b95 100644
--- a/src/bridge/bridge.cpp
+++ b/src/bridge/bridge.cpp
@@ -393,8 +393,12 @@ void Bridge::leave_irc_channel(Iid&& iid, const std::string& status_message, con
-void Bridge::send_irc_nick_change(const Iid& iid, const std::string& new_nick)
+void Bridge::send_irc_nick_change(const Iid& iid, const std::string& new_nick, const std::string& requesting_resource)
+ // We don’t change the nick if the presence was sent to a channel the resource is not in.
+ auto res_in_chan = this->is_resource_in_chan(ChannelKey{iid.get_local(), iid.get_server()}, requesting_resource);
+ if (!res_in_chan)
+ return;
IrcClient* irc = this->get_irc_client(iid.get_server());
diff --git a/src/bridge/bridge.hpp b/src/bridge/bridge.hpp
index 8f2dcef..e92747d 100644
--- a/src/bridge/bridge.hpp
+++ b/src/bridge/bridge.hpp
@@ -80,7 +80,7 @@ public:
void send_private_message(const Iid& iid, const std::string& body, const std::string& type="PRIVMSG");
void send_raw_message(const std::string& hostname, const std::string& body);
void leave_irc_channel(Iid&& iid, const std::string& status_message, const std::string& resource);
- void send_irc_nick_change(const Iid& iid, const std::string& new_nick);
+ void send_irc_nick_change(const Iid& iid, const std::string& new_nick, const std::string& requesting_resource);
void send_irc_kick(const Iid& iid, const std::string& target, const std::string& reason,
const std::string& iq_id, const std::string& to_jid);
void set_channel_topic(const Iid& iid, const std::string& subject);
diff --git a/src/xmpp/biboumi_component.cpp b/src/xmpp/biboumi_component.cpp
index 262596c..d646656 100644
--- a/src/xmpp/biboumi_component.cpp
+++ b/src/xmpp/biboumi_component.cpp
@@ -149,7 +149,7 @@ void BiboumiComponent::handle_presence(const Stanza& stanza)
const std::string own_nick = bridge->get_own_nick(iid);
if (!own_nick.empty() && own_nick != to.resource)
- bridge->send_irc_nick_change(iid, to.resource);
+ bridge->send_irc_nick_change(iid, to.resource, from.resource);
const XmlNode* x = stanza.get_child("x", MUC_NS);
const XmlNode* password = x ? x->get_child("password", MUC_NS): nullptr;
bridge->join_irc_channel(iid, to.resource, password ? password->get_inner(): "",