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Document the biboumi and IRC-server JIDs in user’s roster
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authentication message to the user ````
and finally join the room ````.
+You can add some JIDs provided by biboumi into your own roster, to receive
+presence from them. Biboumi will always automatically accept your requests.
+Biboumi’s JID
+By adding the component JID into your roster, the user will receive an available
+presence whenever it is started, and an unavailable presence whenever it is being
+shutdown. This is useful to quickly view if that biboumi instance is started or
+IRC server JID
+These presence will appear online in the user’s roster whenever they are
+connected to that IRC server (see *Connect to an IRC server* for more
+details). This is useful to keep track of which server an user is connected
+to: this is sometimes hard to remember, when they have many clients, or if
+they are using persistent channels.
Channel messages