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Allow to override the addresses used to connect to an IRC network
fix #3273
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- configure: Lets each user configure some options that applies to the
concerned IRC server. The provided configuration form contains these
+ * Address: This address (IPv4, IPv6 or hostname) will be used, when
+ biboumi connects to this server. This is a very handy way to have a
+ custom name for a network, and be able to edit the address to use
+ if one endpoint for that server is dead, but continue using the same
+ JID. For example, a user could configure the server
+ “”, set “” in its
+ “Address” field, and then they would be able to user “freenode” as
+ the network name forever: if “” breaks for some
+ reason, it can be changed to “” instead, and the user
+ would not need to change all their bookmarks and settings.
* Realname: The customized “real name” as it will appear on the
user’s whois. This option is not available if biboumi is configured
with realname_customization to false.