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Make botan’s policy configurable from a file
fix #3244
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@@ -163,6 +163,40 @@ identd_port
The TCP port on which to listen for identd queries. The default is the standard value: 113.
+A directory that should contain the policy files, used to customize
+Botan’s behaviour when negociating the TLS connections with the IRC
+servers. If not specified, the directory is the one where biboumi’s
+configuration file is located: for example if biboumi reads its
+configuration from /etc/biboumi/biboumi.cfg, the policy_directory value
+will be /etc/biboumi.
+TLS configuration
+Various settings of the TLS connections can be customized using policy
+files. The files should be located in the directory specified by the
+configuration option `policy_directory`_. When attempting to connect to
+an IRC server using TLS, biboumi will use Botan’s default TLS policy, and
+then will try to load some policy files to override the values found in
+these files. For example, if policy_directory is /etc/biboumi, when
+trying to connect to, biboumi will try to read
+/etc/biboumi/policy.txt, use the values found to override the default
+values, then it will try to read /etc/biboumi/
+and re-override the policy with the values found in this file.
+The policy.txt file applies to all the connections, and
+irc.example.policy.txt will only apply (in addition to policy.txt) when
+connecting to that specific server.
+To see the list of possible options to configure, refer to `Botan’s TLS
+documentation <>`_.
+By default, biboumi provides a few policy files, to work around some
+issues found with a few well-known IRC servers.
@@ -628,3 +662,4 @@ protection against flood or any sort of abuse that your users may cause on
the IRC servers. Some XMPP server however offer the possibility to restrict
what JID can access a gateway. Use that feature if you wish to grant access
to your biboumi instance only to a list of trusted users.