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@@ -17,6 +17,13 @@ all XMPP stanza with a `to` JID on that domain will be forwarded to biboumi
by the XMPP server, and biboumi will only send messages coming from that
+To cleanly shutdown the component, send a SIGINT or SIGTERM signal to it.
+It will send messages to all connected IRC and XMPP servers to indicate a
+reason why the users are being disconnected. Biboumi exits when the end of
+communication is acknowledged by all IRC servers. If one or more IRC
+servers do not respond, biboumi will only exit if it receives the same
+signal again or if a 2 seconds delay has passed.
@@ -106,8 +113,8 @@ The name of the database to use. This option can only be used if biboumi
has been compiled with a database support (Sqlite3 and/or PostgreSQL). If
the value begins with the postgresql scheme, “postgresql://” or
“postgres://”, then biboumi will try to connect to the PostgreSQL database
-specified by the URI. See
+specified by the URI. See `the PostgreSQL doc
for all possible values. For example the value could be
“postgresql://user:secret@localhost”. If the value does not start with the
postgresql scheme, then it specifies a filename that will be opened with