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+Biboumi is an XMPP gateway that connects to IRC servers and translates
+between the two protocols. It can be used to access IRC channels using any
+XMPP client as if these channels were XMPP MUCs.
+It is written in modern C++14 and makes great efforts to have as little
+dependencies and to be as simple as possible.
+The goal is to provide a way to access most of IRC features using any XMPP
+client. It doesn’t however try to provide a complete mapping of the
+features of both worlds simply because this is not useful and most probably
+impossible. For example all IRC modes are not all translatable into an XMPP
+features. Some of them are (like +m (mute) or +o (operator) modes), but
+some others are IRC-specific. If IRC is the limiting factor (for example
+you cannot have a non-ASCII nickname on IRC) then biboumi doesn’t try to
+work around this issue: it just enforces the rules of the IRC server by
+telling the user that he/she must choose an ASCII-only nickname. An
+important goal is to keep the software (and its code) light and simple.
+Refer to the INSTALL_ file.
+Read `the documentation`_.
+Florent Le Coz (louiz’) <>
+* XMPP ChatRoom:
+* Report a bug:
+To contribute, the preferred way is to commit your changes on some
+publicly-available git repository (your own, or github
+(, or a fork on and
+to notify the developers with a ticket on the bug tracker
+(, a pull request on
+github or a merge request on gitlab.
+Optionally you can come discuss your changes on the XMPP chat room,
+Biboumi is Free Software.
+(learn more:
+Biboumi is released under the zlib license.
+Please read the COPYING file for details.
+.. _the documentation: doc/biboumi.1.rst