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+Version 2.0 - 2015-05-29
+- List channels on an IRC server through an XMPP disco items request
+- Let the user send any arbitrary raw IRC command by sending a
+ message to the IRC server’s JID.
+- By default, look for the configuration file as per the XDG
+ basedir spec.
+- Support PING requests in all directions.
+- Improve the way we forward received NOTICEs by remembering to
+ which users we previously sent a private message. This improves the
+ user experience when talking to NickServ.
+- Support joining key-protected channels
+- Setting a participant's role/affiliation now results in a change of IRC
+ mode, instead of being ignored. Setting Toto's affiliation to admin is
+ now equivalent to “/mode +o Toto”
+- Fix the reconnection to the XMPP server to try every 2 seconds
+ instead of immediately. This avoid hogging resources for nothing
+- Asynchronously resolve domain names by optionally using the DNS
+ library c-ares.
+- Add a reload add-hoc command, to reload biboumi's configuration
+- Add a fixed_irc_server option. With this option enabled,
+ biboumi can only connect to the one single IRC server configured
+Version 1.1 - 2014-07-16
+- Fix a segmentation fault when connecting to an IRC server using IPv6
+Version 1.0 - 2014-07-12
+- First stable release.
+- Mostly complete MUC to IRC, and IRC to MUC support
+- Complete handling of private messages
+- Full IRC modes support: setting any IRC mode, and receiving notifications
+ for every mode change
+- Verbose connection status notifications
+- Conversion from IRC formatting to XHTML-im
+- Ad-hoc commands support
+- Basic TLS support: auto-accepts all certificates, no cipher
+ configuration, no way to force usage of TLS (it is used only if
+ available, clear connection is automatically used as a fallback)
+- IPv6 support